Efficient and innovative: Openair-Plasma® surface treatment integrated inline in manufacturing processes

Typical application areas for use of atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment technologies in further processing are adhesive bonding, composite bonding, printing, painting, coating, and two-component extrusion.

Openair-Plasma® treatment is used in almost all industrial manufacturing processes – from packaging, printing, and the household appliance industry, to use in medical, electronics and textile engineering, in coil coating, and in the automobile, shipbuilding and aircraft industries.

In all these industrial application areas, materials like plastics, metals, glass, textiles, or films are bonded, printed, or painted. Here the combination of two dissimilar materials frequently presents a special challenge on the way to achieving new and customized material properties. Surface treatment with Openair-Plasma® can result in adhesion improvement, even for otherwise incompatible materials.

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Typical application areas for use of atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment


Adhesion improvement for secure, durable bonding of plastics and metals
Printed metall plate


Optimal printing and ink bonding and highest print quality


Openair-Plasma® provides for optimal paint adhesion

2-K Injection Molding

Plasma treatment for secure, long-term adhesive bonding of plastics and metals

Dr. Tobias Eckert

Novotechnik OHG, Siedle Group

The Openair-Plasma® process is highly effective, fast and therefore cost competitive.

- Dr. Tobias Eckert, Novotechnik OHG, Siedle Group

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