High efficiency surface pretreatment: Plasma cleaning of metal, aluminum or glass

Dry plasma cleaning with atmospheric plasma makes it possible to immediately continue processing the materials. The application allows a clean and cost-effective overall surface pretreatment process. Because of the high energy level of the plasma, it can selectively break open the structure of chemical or organic substances on the surface of the material. Using ultrafine cleaning, undesirable substances can be completely removed from even sensitive surfaces. This results in the optimal prerequisites for later coating.

How ultrafine cleaning of surfaces works:

When atmospheric plasma comes in contact with metal or glass, it has a microfine cleaning effect. In this way, even highly sensitive surfaces made of these materials can be completely freed from unwanted contamination. Microfine cleaning with plasma can remove the smallest dust particles from the substrate. Precisely defined surfaces with the best prerequisites for further processing are created thanks to the chemical-physical reaction in the nano range. The microfine cleaning of surfaces prior to bonding, coating, painting or printing thus enables the use of modern solvent-free or water-based systems. Additional pretreatment using chemical primers or mechanical processes, e.g. brushing, can be completely dispensed with. This helps to avoid emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, e.g. hydrocarbons or organic acids) during production. Additionally, the cleaning with atmospheric plasma is a dry process. This offers the great advantage of being able to process all materials immediately —and thus saves a lot of time.


Plasma cleaning with Openair-Plasma®

  • 100% cleaning
  • No dilution effect (compare to aqueous cleaning)
  • No need for additional consumables (compare to CO2-beam cleaning)
  • Cleaning of the complete material structure surface topography, instead of just peaks (compare to sand blasting)
  • No additional space required – inline integration in the manufacturing line
  • Economical and ecologically efficient surface pretreatment