Openair-Plasma® for Life Sciences: Chemistry / Biochemistry

Chemical compounds are still manufactured today almost exclusively in batch processes according to the appropriate formulations. But when highly customized compositions must be created, such as in pharmacology, this traditional approach is very elaborate and difficult to automate.

A continuous reaction technology is required that is characterized by very precisely measured flow and mixing processes. If, for example, the application of energy is needed for targeted initiation of reactions, only conventional heating or an open flame are available. Since any flame causes spontaneous oxidation, direct contact with the chemicals is not possible.

Plasma chemistry with Openair-Plasma® – ideal initiator for new reactions

This is not the case with plasma initiation. The function principle of Openair-Plasma® is such that it will ionize almost any specific process gas at a high level and is therefore ideally suited as an initiator of reactions in chemistry and biochemistry.

More in-depth research into reaction chemistry is currently underway at Hannover University, Germany, where the synthesis of organic compounds using plasma technology is being investigated.

Nano-technology: Dispersability of nano-particles in biological systems – nano-particles without agglomeration

Understanding the behavior of nano-particles in biological systems opens up entirely new possibilities for medical treatment.

Both the targeted interaction between nano-particles and cells (chemical reactive interface) and the dispersibility of nano-particles in liquids are all to do with surfaces.

Plasmatreat has developed appropriate plasma reactors with continuous particle delivery for plasma pre-treatment of nano-particles. One particular challenge in this is preventing agglomeration of nano-particles (nano-powder).

Thanks to the eddy current principle used, it is possible to very evenly feed nano-particles into the plasma so as to ensure a continuous, reproducible process.

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